National Safety Stand-Down Week

Posted by Tom Scherrer on May 2, 2018 5:13:24 PM
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Cornerstone Risk Management Blog Image: National Safety Stand Down WeekThe leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry continues to be falls from heights, a cause of death that is completely preventable.

To help raise awareness and provide employers with an opportunity to discuss ladder and heights safety with their employees, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has designated the week of May 7 - 11 as National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Week. As leaders in risk management strategies and employee wellness, Cornerstone understands the importance of prioritizing employee safety, particularly on active construction sites.  

Make Time for Risk Management

This is a great opportunity for you to review the fall hazards on your construction projects with your employees and the controls that will help them avoid falls from elevation accidents. Any company can participate; past years' participants have ranged from construction companies to contractors to general industry employers and even the the U.S. Military. 

In addition to discussing fall hazards, you can use the discussion with your employees as an opportunity for them to share other occupational hazards they may have identified with you. It is always wise to regularly review your organization's protective methods, safety policies and goals. Additionally, Cornerstone's ladder safety tips can be incorporated into your company's risk management strategy to help prevent falls and injuries. 

Additional Resources for Risk Management

Conducting a Safety Stand-Down in your workplace is easy. Simply find a time that works best for your organization and plan a break to hold a toolbox talk or other safety activity in your workplace. Not sure how to get started? OSHA provides all the resources necessary on their website. For more information on how you can conduct a safety stand-down, including resources for hazard controls and toolbox talks, visit OSHA's website. 

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