Safety Is NOT a Priority!

Posted by Tom Scherrer on Jun 21, 2018 12:06:32 PM
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A lot has been written about this concept of “safety culture.” But what is that exactly? 

Culture is typically defined as a group of people with shared beliefs, attitudes and practices. Organizations with effective safety programs have developed a true safety culture.

While culture is a difficult concept to quantify, you can ask yourself these questions to determine where your organization stands:

  • Does top management visibly support safety?
  • Do you attempt to identify and correct hazards before they result in an injury?
  • Do all employees exhibit a working knowledge of health and safety requirements?
  • Are employees empowered to make safety decisions and correct hazards?
  • Are employees engaged in the safety program and providing feedback on what’s working and what isn’t?
  • Do you commit enough resources to safety and do employees see this? Safety should be viewed as an investment and not a cost!
  • Do you communicate safety goals company-wide?
  • Do you recognize employees for “doing the right thing”? This doesn’t mean the traditional pizza party. Just a bit of acknowledgement from top management can go a long way. How about just a quick pat on the back and a “thank you” for wearing your Personal Protective Equipment?

Safety should be a company value, not a priority. Priorities tend to get moved around on the “to-do” list. Safety should not compete with other concerns.

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