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Leah is a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist. She helps Cornerstone clients determine the best methods to introduce wellness into their organizations and can implement strategies that take current initiatives up a notch. Leah begins wellness programs with an assessment that measures your employee interest and needs to identify the areas of focus for an engaging wellness program. The tools Leah can provide include on-site educational seminars on topics related to nutrition, fitness, and stress management; structured programs such as steps competitions or 30-day challenges; biometric screenings; performance- and outcome-based premium levels; smoking cessation programs; teledoc services; and much, much more. Leah also works with carriers and your team to structure participation- or outcomes-based programs that determine the premium paid by your staff, paying careful attention to ACA rules regarding parameters for a wellness plans and subsequent premium schedules.
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Webinar: Aggregate Data and What to Do With It

Posted by Leah Hammel on Mar 14, 2019 12:59:18 PM

 To be successful, an  employee wellness program requires a thoughtful strategy and coordinated effort. In this webinar, Cornerstone's Director of Wellness Leah Hammel, will teach business owners, HR professionals, and wellness leaders how to collect wellness and claims data, and more importantly, how to put it to work.

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Cornerstone Named 2018 Healthiest Employer Finalist

Posted by Leah Hammel on Oct 11, 2018 12:21:59 PM

The St. Louis Business Journal named Cornerstone a finalist in its annual Healthiest Employers Awards!

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Webinar: The Missing Ingredient of Your Wellness Program

Posted by Leah Hammel on Jul 10, 2018 9:27:00 AM

Creating an engaging and sustainable employee wellness program increases productivity, work-life balance, and quality of life for employees. While most understand that an effective wellness program should incorporate aspects of both physical wellness and mental wellness, one element of a holistic wellness program is often overlooked: financial wellness. 

Join us for a discussion about how companies of all sizes can promote financial wellness in a respectful and approachable way. Hosted by guest presenter Travis Freeman, CFP®, president of Four Seasons Financial, this webinar will help your company add the missing ingredient to your employee wellness program. 

Are you looking to learn more about the benefits of wellness programs for employees? Contact an employee benefits consultant at Cornerstone today. 

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Risks to Consider When Developing a No-Smoking Policy

Posted by Leah Hammel on Mar 13, 2018 11:02:46 AM

We’re all familiar with the down-sides of cigarette and tobacco use – it increases health risks, raises medical costs, and it often lowers productivity in the workplace. It’s costly for the employer and the individual smoking, so many companies are implementing no-smoking policies and even minimizing the number of smokers they hire. As a risk management and human resources company, Cornerstone Insurance Group decided to weigh in on this important topic.

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Webinar: Vaping at Work — Does Your Company Need to Refresh Its Smoking Policy?

Posted by Leah Hammel on Feb 21, 2018 5:08:32 PM

Hosted by Cornerstone's Director of Wellness Leah Hammel, this webinar discusses vaping in the workplace and your company's smoking policy.

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Webinar: How to Start an Engaging Wellness Program

Posted by Leah Hammel on Oct 19, 2017 2:56:29 PM

Successful employee wellness programs focus on behavior change and provide employees with the tools they need to move toward and maintain healthy behaviors. Every company has different needs and different starting points. But creating an employee wellness program from scratch doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Health Tips to Survive the Holidays

Posted by Leah Hammel on Dec 22, 2016 3:47:22 PM

There is food everywhere this time of year. It seems like an endless stream of culinary temptation from Halloween until Valentine’s Day — that’s almost half the year!

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